The Hotel Antiche Mura is full of history, as from it you can admire ruins dating back the XVI century, and the “old walls” of the XV century, giving the name to the hotel.

The old walls protected Sorrento from the incursion of the saraceans for centuries, part of them are perfectly preserved at our outdoor area of the breakfast room.

On the right side of the ancient walls, you can still admire the beautiful San Renato Tower, armed with cannons, that the Sorrentine people used to defend their town from the dangerous incursions.

Of the same historical interest, below the hotel, is possible to contemplate a natural extraordinary spectacle: The Deep Valley of the Mills.

The Deep Valley originated about 35 thousand years ago, when a violent eruption of the Campi Flegrei, covered of debris the all area going from Punta Scutolo to Capo di Sorrento, creating the now called Sorrentine Peninsule.

The eruption creating a completely new and different environment, with several cliffs, and gorges, one of which the area called “Valley of the Mills”.

In that area, spring waters trying to find a new path towards the sea, progressively eroded the tuffaceous block, created 2 streams of low flow (later called Casarlano and Sant’Antonino).

The lack of water has contributed to form a gorge, only in between the two streams, where a Mills area where built at the feet of the Villa “La Rupe”.

The name Valley of the Mills, infact, comes from the existence of mills – functioning since the beginning of the XX century.

Two main mills were known to be operating, a wheat mill, used to grind the wheat for the production of flour and a sawmill, used in a later time, to manifacture the famous inlaid wood furnitures.

Becoming in no time a always more influent part of the town, soon a public wash-house were built from the local community.

The creation of Tasso Square in 1866, determined a gradual isolation of the mill area from the sea, provoking a sharp rise of the percentage of humidity, making the area unlivable and determining its progressive abandon.

The new micro-climate favored the development of a thriving and spontaneous vegetation in which the dominant element is the Phillitis Vulgaris, a splendid and rare plant of the fern family.

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